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heating resistant conveyor belt

  • Slot Conveyor

    Contact NowSlot ConveyorUsed for conveying powder and block bulk materials, especially for some high temperature, large capacity, large degree of block, with sharp edges and corners, too much viscosity material.Read More

  • Wire Rope Conveyor Belt

    Contact NowWire Rope Conveyor Beltwire rope conveyor belt is a rubber conveyor belt with steel skeleton ,constitute by core glue, rope, cover and side glue. It’s advantage is tensile strength, impact resistance, long life, small elongation, good trough ability, flex resistance, good benefits.Read More

  • Environmental Round Pipe Belt Conveyor

    Contact NowEnvironmental Round Pipe Belt ConveyorEnvironment pipe conveyor belt (hereinafter referred to Pipe machine) the main structure and the transmission principle are same as ordinary belt conveyor, and also use conveyor belt for the load-bearing components, rely onRead More

  • Screw Conveyor

    Contact NowScrew ConveyorScrew conveyor is widely used in building materials, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, coal, grain and other industries, suitable for horizontal or less than 20 ° angle, conveying powder, granular and small pieces of material.Read More

  • Large Angle Corrugated Sidewall Belt Conveyor

    Contact NowLarge Angle Corrugated Sidewall Belt ConveyorDJ series of large-angle corrugated sidewall belt conveyor is a new type of continuous conveying equipment of bulk materials, especially for large angle conveyor, is widely used in coal, chemical, power, building materials, metallurgy, light, food, ports, etc.Read More

  • Steel Belt Bucket Elevator

    Contact NowSteel Belt Bucket ElevatorTDG Series Steel Belt Bucket Elevator 1.Range of application TDG Series Steel Belt Bucket Elevator is used for vertical transport of bulk materials, an important device. It has many advantages such as large conveying capacity, high lifting height, smooth running and long service life. It is...Read More

  • Polyester Conveyor Belt

    Contact NowPolyester Conveyor BeltPolyester conveyor belt also called EP conveyor belt. Its tensile body is canvas interweaved by polyester warp and nylon weft. According to different environment usage, divided into ordinary type, heat-resistant, flame-type resistance, burning type, acid type, oil type.Read More

  • Chain Conveyor

    Contact NowChain ConveyorThe machine is widely used in non-ferrous mining, cement, fertilizer and metallurgical transportation, transport, batching and other process, for the continuous production process indispensable link in the open and humid environment reliably.Read More

  • Nylon Conveyor Belt

    Contact NowNylon Conveyor Beltnylon conveyor belt, the mezzanine canvas is nylon canvas. It with thin belt body, high strength, impact resistance, good groove, interlayer adhesion force, excellent flex and long service life.Read More

  • Common Fixed Belt Conveyor

    Contact NowCommon Fixed Belt ConveyorTD75, DHII, DHII (A) Universal Fixed Belt Conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, coal, electricity, transportation and other departments, the main transmission capacity of 0.5-2.5T / m³ of various bulk materials or pieces of goods.Read More