Disc Feeder

  • Light Disc Feeder

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    Light Disc Feeder

    1) Simple structure, reliable operation, easy installation and adjustment. 2) Limited filling hydraulic coupling device can be loaded to start , overload protection. 3) light weight , small size, reliability , long life and easy maintenance. 4) Maximum feeding capacity up...Read More

  • Medium Disc Feeder

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    Medium Disc Feeder

    KR series type disc feeder, mainly in coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electrical and other industries in the production process, the feeder series by the motor via the cylindrical gear reducer drag different ratios of different specifications of the...Read More

  • Heavy Disc Feeder

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    Heavy Disc Feeder

    ZMBR, MBR heavy disc feeder is a continuous feeding of feed ( ingredients ) equipment , installed in the hopper, silo and hopper discharge port and other storage devices , materials and rely on gravity to positive action feeder mechanism work.Read More

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